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FROZÉ Co-Op 12% Screw Cap £3.99 I thought I would try something completely different to what I normally drink.
Posted 19th August 2010        

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Screw Cap

I thought I would try something completely different to what I normally drink. I’m not a pink girl in any sense of the word.

On opening there is a fruity aroma.

The label is eye catching with the silver blue cap and snowflake depicting the fact that it needs to be drink well chilled and it is suggested that it is best over ice.

It could be drunk as an Aperitif and served with some yummy canapés or just enjoyed on its own as a party drink. There’s good ‘legs’ on the glass.

The grapes used are:

Pinotage – Known for being plumy and characteristics of burnt rubber.

Cinsault – Often used as a blending grape and is known as a lush source for Rosé wines.

Merlot – Flavours of blackcurrant, chocolate and fruitcake.

Cabernet Sauvignon – Usually blackcurrant flavour with grassy undertones.

Ant and Paul (frozé invented this wine as they thought a new type of Rosé was needed on the market and they reckon it makes you want to stroke a Labrador or start singing Madeleine Peyroux songs.

Does Frozé indicate frozen Rose ?

This was not really my type of drink but I can see it would be great for a party and the price was good.



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Meet the Author:
Julie & Neil Swift
This wine was reviewed by Julie and Neil Swift, both 51 years of age, and we have just had our first grandchild Zak. We live in the beautiful Peak District. Julie is the main wine taster as she was the daughter of a publican, learning to appreciate good wines from an early age. Neil has worked in the same place as a Lab Technician for the past 35 years, he was a football referee but now spends his Saturdays assessing referees. We are a very sociable couple who enjoy hosting and going to parties (most weekends!). My how time and taste buds have moved on from the Liebfraumilch days, although we believe it is making a comeback. Julie has collected menus and recipes from the 1970’s to the present day, the price of a bottle of Italian Pinot Grigio was £3.40 in 1978 in Topo Gigios restaurant in London.