Pure Noir – the UK’s Only New Zealand Pinot Noir Wine Club: 20% Off Your first Order

It's a Pinot Noir lover's dream come true. Pure Noir is a specialist
Posted 16th May 2011        

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It’s a Pinot Noir lover’s dream come true.

Pure Noir is a specialist wine club bringing UK wine-lovers the best-of-the-best of New Zealand Pinot Noir – therefore, some of the best Pinot Noir in the world, and, by extension, some of the best wine in the world.

In fact, they’re “the UK’s only wine club specialising in New Zealand Pinot Noir” with a simple but admirable mission to bring the best of that most noble grape from some of the world’s best producers in far-flung New Zealand to your doorstep here in the UK.

Aside from sourcing their wines from some of the smallest artisan producers from across the many Pinot-producing locations in New Zealand, Pure Noir has a highly-skilled and dedicated tasting panel who have the enviable job of sorting through 100+ wines every year to establish and select a range that they feel reflects the absolute best New Zealand has to offer.

Obviously a wine club this specialist is only going to appeal to certain types of people among us wine-enthusiasts, but with its reputation for Pinot Noir going from strength to strength – and the number of producers out there vastly outweighing the selection scope on shop shelves, or even decent wine websites – it’s good to know there’s someone out there catering for the growing number of people who are getting switched on to this truly excellent varietal in its new spiritual home.

Hyperbole, you reckon? Well, happily, no! I’ve tried a few of the wines from their last season’s range (reviews to follow in the next few days) and there’s no doubt whatsoever in my mind that these people know what they’re doing: I admit I am a Pinot Noir convert already, but I always had a sneaking suspicion New Zealand’s produce was a tiny bit overrated.

I have now eaten – well, drunk – those words.

Previously known as a difficult grape to bring to fruition, Pinot Noir seems to absolutely thrive in New Zealand, and it’s by far the biggest crop of the many red wine grapes grown in the country nowadays, having emerged as the best of a good bunch as it’s established itself on the world stage over the past few decades – equaled in popularity perhaps only by NZ’s white grape of choice: Sauvignon Blanc.

I’ve been convinced for a while that the kiwis are truly special when it comes to Sauvignon, but as far as Pinot Noir goes, well, New Zealand now has that crown too, for me: and Pure Noir have the best it has to offer.


20% Off Your First Order

So what’s the deal?

Well – the Pure Noir wine club model is the delivery of 12 bottles quarterly – four bottles from four different producers (all Pinot Noir, just to ram that point home) for £195 a go. Coming in at £16.25 a bottle, this isn’t as cheap as a trip to the supermarket, but you do save a lot on the by-the-bottle price and what you dole out in cash, you sure get back in quality. (You won’t find this stuff in Asda, frankly.)

Although, you can order by the bottle to get a taste for what you could be signing up for – and why not?

You can browse the wines from their current stock, or from the last few seasons, on their website, but tasting is believing (I think that’s the phrase), so why not go ahead and order a bottle or twelve? They make some (but not all) available for order outside of the Pure Noir Wine Club, and if you quote the exclusive promotional code ‘REDWINE‘ on your order form, you’ll get a whopping 20% off your first order – whether it’s a case of 12 the same, or a mixed case.

You’d better hurry though – the 20% offer only lasts till June 20th.

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