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Christmas is fast approaching and most of us are in a frenzy of Christmas shopping. But for many of us the hardest part of Christmas shopping is coming up with gift ideas for our nearest and dearest. What can we buy our loved ones that will be appreciated, will be used and, in these tough financial times, won’t break the bank?

If you have any red wine enthusiasts amongst your family and friends there are plenty of ideas for inexpensive and yet useful gifts. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a special bottle of wine to present gift wrapped on Christmas Day – there are plenty of stocking fillers to suit every red wine fan and every gift buyer’s pocket.

First of all, why not buy your red wine enthusiast a pocket wine guide? There is a good selection of small, inexpensive wine guides published this time of year by well-known wine critics looking forward to the best wines of 2013. Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book 2013 has a recommended price of £11.99 but can be found cheaper if you shop around. This bestselling guide is on its 36th edition and features news and views on 6,000 plus wines, regions and growers from around the world.

Other inexpensive wine guides include Oz Clarke’s Pocket Wine Book 2013 which is also priced at £11.99 but can again be found cheaper if you look around. The 21st edition of this book is organised in an A–Z format and features entries on wines, grapes, regions and producers. If your red wine enthusiast buys most of his wine in the supermarket then try Ned Halley’s Best Wines in the Supermarkets 2013. With a recommended price of £7.99 this handy little book lists the top ranked wines from each of the major supermarkets in an easy to use format.

If your red wine enthusiast is a man about town, how about some wine bottle cufflinks? Amazon has an attractive pair of cufflinks featuring a bottle of Claret for just over £10. There are plenty of other cufflink variations on the wine theme available including corkscrews and wine glasses, both stylishly tasteful and brash and amusing.

Candles and red wine always conjure up images of a romantic evening, particularly at Christmas time, so why not combine the two in a gift for your loved one? Some enterprising candle makers have sculpted and decorated candle wax to look like exactly like bottles of red wine. The only giveaway of their true identity is the wick sticking out of the top of the bottle!

If your red wine enthusiast is forever insisting on decanting the wine and leaving it to breathe for an hour or two before drinking, treat him to a red wine aerator. Pour the wine through the aerator straight into the glass and it introduces air into the wine, having a similar effect to decanting and breathing but without the time and effort. There are a range of brands of these handy gadgets, many of them priced at less than £20.

If your friend or loved one enjoys combining the outdoor life with drinking red wine then a cheap and useful gift is a pack of hands free wine glass holders. For around £5 you can buy a pack of four or six glass holders which stick into the grass or sand holding the glass upright allowing the drinker to use his hands for eating, reading or any other activity.

Does your red wine drinker enjoy entertaining but find that he is forever mislaying his glass? A useful gift idea may be a pack of wine glass charms which can each be fitted around the stem of a wine glass instantly identifying its owner.

If you are on a real budget then just £2.95 will buy you a fridge magnet to make your red wine enthusiastic smile. The KEEP CALM and HAVE A GLASS OF WINE fridge magnet features a large glass of red wine leaving little doubt about the best course of action! Along the same lines, a little pocket book entitled KEEP CALM and DRINK ON is full of proverbs and sayings relating to all things wine. The recommended price is £4.99 but like most books it can be purchased for less money if you shop around.

For true stocking fillers for red wine enthusiasts there are a host of amusing wine-related fridge magnets, key rings, coasters and badges. Many high street gift shops and specialised websites sell such items with funny messages for just a few pounds each. Just be sure that your friend or loved one will accept the Christmas gift in the right spirit and won’t think you are accusing them of being an alcoholic!

Image of wine-candle gift from Amazon.


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