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I was recently sent a Vinturi Wine Aerator which I've been enjoying trying
Posted 03rd December 2010        

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I was recently sent a Vinturi Wine Aerator which I’ve been enjoying trying out recently. The manufacturer Vinturi state “Simply pour wine through a Vinturi and ordinary wines become wonderful wines” which is quite a claim!

It’s just a case of holding the aerator over the glass and then pouring the wine through it. The end result should be much the same as decanting but on a glass by glass basis. When you are pouring it makes a noise that can only be described in Scottish terms as a skoosh. Much the same sound as when you are tasting and draw air in through your teeth! My video demonstrates it badly as you need to make sure you get a good pour in straight away to fill the chamber and not just let the wine fall through.

The first wine I tried was a fairly light Italian wine and I didn’t really feel the Vinturi helped much. The bottle is away for recycling already so I can’t even remember what it was but it wasn’t memorable 🙁 I poured a test glass normally and then one through the aerator but couldn’t really tell them apart.

Tonight I’ve tried it with a heavier Cabernet-Syrah blend and the effect was a lot more obvious. A more powerful nose and smoother flavour. It just lifts the wine a bit but avoids giving it a couple of hours in a decanter. This was a pretty ordinary wine and it certainly made it better although ‘wonderful’ is stretching it!

All in all it’s worth giving it a try especially when it’s only around £40.


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