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So it seems that today is International Grenache Day and a chance to
Posted 24th September 2010        

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So it seems that today is International Grenache Day and a chance to highlight a grape which doesn’t have much of a profile. It’s clear that rarely has someone walked into a bar and asked for a ‘glass for Grenache’ but changing that idea is one of the aims of the Grenache Symposium. I have to confess to knowing very little about Grenache but today has certainly been a fun one for learning more.

I was fortunate to find a bottle of Grenache in my wine rack this evening. It’s been there since I received a mixed hamper last Christmas, partly due to me not quite having the occasion to open it and partly due to the bottle being so totally understated that in all honesty it seemed a bit uninteresting. With a basic front label and nothing else on the back I think the design tries to be intruiging with an edge of mystery but could end up just being a little too dull.

It currently retails at Laithwaites for £7.99 while the 2008 & 2009 vintages are also available.

I’ll quote from the “perhaps trying slightly too hard” front label to give more background

“Tiny parcels of ancient vines are hand harvested by artisan vignerons in the Catalan hills of the Agly Valley, where they yield meagre quantities of precious dark grapes”

Anyway on to the wine! It is a beautiful deep ruby colour which really is quite enticing. On the nose there are plenty of black fruits, blackcurrants, plums in a jam. More of the same when tasting but a bit of a kick at the first hit of the 15% alchohol although it does quickly mellow down and leave a long long smooth finish with hints of liquorice.

It’s a good wine and I’m enjoying it but this one doesn’t do quite enough to make me consider ordering “A Glass of Grenache” next time I’m out!

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