Chateaux Lauduc Classic Red 2008

BORDEAUX FRANCE 13% Natural Cork £8.49 ODDBINS (Buyers Choice case of 6 mixed) Buy 6 for only £6.79 each
Posted 04th April 2011        

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  • 13%
  • Natural Cork
  • £8.49
  • (Buyers Choice case of 6 mixed)
  • Buy 6 for only £6.79 each – Save 20% Mixable
  • Cellaring for 8 years

Apparently 88% of all wine produced in Bordeaux is red. This Chateau Lauduc is one of them, blended with a delightful duo of grapes 75% Merlot and 25% Cabernet Sauvignon.

Words sometimes used to describe Merlot – Luscious, mouth filling, velvety, plummy and intense

Words sometimes used to describe Cabernet Sauvignon – Jammy, oaky, vanilla, tobacco and rich.

Looking at the label it reminded me of a time we drove around the Bordeaux wine region with the rolling hills and vines further than the eye could see. Each one had the gates with the big impressive house behind them – memories!

The Chateau Lauduc wine is grown from grapes on the right bank of the river Gironde and the climate, geography, gravely clay and limestone soil play a major part in wine making.

Even the cork has ‘great Bordeaux wine bottled at Chateau’ written on it !

On opening the bottle and pouring my first glass, I swirled it around and a lovely berry smell hit me so I could not wait to taste it.

I think this wine with a ruby red glow would be lovely drunk on a cold winter evening by the side of a roaring fire, whilst eating a good platter of cheese; we had it with a roast dinner and that was fine. It had a good character and the rich fruitcake flavours, also bitter chocolate and almost smooth liquorice, which makes it very “slurpable”.

I have put one in my cellar to save for 5 years as I am most interested to see if the flavour changes and how, as there was not a mouth puckering tannin taste to this wine: but would it completely disappear with age?

My overall impression of the wine is most enjoyable so 7.5/10 from me.


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Meet the Author:
Julie & Neil Swift
This wine was reviewed by Julie and Neil Swift, both 51 years of age, and we have just had our first grandchild Zak. We live in the beautiful Peak District. Julie is the main wine taster as she was the daughter of a publican, learning to appreciate good wines from an early age. Neil has worked in the same place as a Lab Technician for the past 35 years, he was a football referee but now spends his Saturdays assessing referees. We are a very sociable couple who enjoy hosting and going to parties (most weekends!). My how time and taste buds have moved on from the Liebfraumilch days, although we believe it is making a comeback. Julie has collected menus and recipes from the 1970’s to the present day, the price of a bottle of Italian Pinot Grigio was £3.40 in 1978 in Topo Gigios restaurant in London.