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Las Moras Bonarda 2010

My most favourite time of day, or should I say evening, has arrived once
Posted 16th April 2012        

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My most favourite time of day, or should I say evening, has arrived once again: 9pm, the hour of the great uncorking – or, in this case, the great unscrewing.

Tonight I’m sharing a 2010 Argentinean Las Moras Bonarda with my other half whilst veging out on the sofa in my Jim Jams. Red with white spots, if you’re interested.

This wine is produced from the Bonarda grape, in case you hadn’t picked that up in the title, and is such a deep, dark red that it’s almost black. It’s really thick and full bodied and I just love the way that, as you put the glass down after taking a sip, the wine clings to the sides as it tentatively makes its way back down to the bottom.

There are definite hints of blackcurrants and blackberries, the darker of the red fruits, plump and ripe to bursting but with a pleasing acidic twang.

There is also a distinct nuttiness to this wine (nuttiness as in hazelnuts and almonds, not sectioned under the Mental Health Act) which gives it a really nice substantial flavour when combined with the dark fruits.

If I had to liken this wine to a dessert it would most definitely be a summer pudding. Those rich, syrupy, dark fruit juices that trickle over the plate – that’s exactly what this wine is like. It’s a comfort wine; much like a summer pudding would be a comfort food, something familiar, warm and embracing.

The bottle says this wine can be enjoyed with red meat dishes or on its own, I can’t vouch for the red meat but I can vouch for drinking it on its own. However, I would really love to try this wine with a selection of cheeses; not namby-pamby cheeses but good, strong cheeses that pack a punch. Perhaps a wedge of extra mature cheddar, a crumbly, deeply veined stilton or a running ripe Camembert.

I bagged this little baby in my local Co-Op for a very reasonable £6.49, yes, I did spend over four quid but what the heck, it’s Friday night and it’s been a tough week.

Unfortunately this isn’t the red I’ve been searching for for what seems like an eternity but it really is rather good and I would certainly purchase it again the next time I want to spend more than £4.

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